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Fourth String Quartet, Op. 29, No. 1

Instrumentation: String Quartet

Composed: 1960, rev. 1982

Performance Time: 19:30 min.
    I. Perpetuo (6:50)       AUDIO (mp3, 6 MB)       SCORE* (first half) (pdf, 10 MB), SCORE (second half) (pdf, 17 MB)
    II. Burletta (3:45) AUDIO (mp3, 3 MB) SCORE (pdf, 11 MB)
    III. Mesto (4:30) AUDIO (mp3, 3 MB) SCORE (pdf, 6 MB)
    IV. Lesto (4:15) AUDIO (mp3, 3 MB) SCORE (pdf, 19 MB)

    Recording courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio, recorded live 9/17/07 at Ultan Recital Hall, University of Minnesota.
    Deborah Serafini and Pamela Arnstein, violin; Thomas Turner, viola; Mina Fisher, cello

Score and parts* available from: The Schubert Club (email:


Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland:   "The celebrated FINE ARTS QUARTET introduced for their first evening at the TONHALLE the Fourth Quartet by the American composer Gene Gutchë which revealed the composer not only as a significant craftsman but one who captivates an audience with originality, fascinates it with his musical imagination and a technique uniquely his own . . . ."

New York Times :   "Gutchë's new quartet hews to neither technique.   In other words, here is a composer who can move around.   The musical ideas he works with are simple and easy to hear, . . . "

New York Herald Tribune :   "In this quartet Gutchë proves to be a man of considerable technical prowess . . ."

Daily Oklahoman:   "The pinnacle of string writing was given a performance long to be remembered.   Gene Gutchë's Opus 29, No. 1 . . . was a lesson in dynamics and the ethereal effects reached a pitch of both emotion and drama . . . ."

* Please note: Parts for this piece are newly engraved in Finale computer software.


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