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Vocal Solo


Instrumentation: soprano and piano

Composed: 1963

Dedication: For James and Paquita

Performance Time: 3 min.

Preview: SCORE (pdf, 100 KB), AUDIO (mp3, 3 MB)
Carrie Shaw, soprano; Stephen Self, piano. Recorded at the Sapphire Chamber Consort concert, May 2007.

Score available from: The Schubert Club (email:

Sleep, lover, sleep.
In my arms gently sleep,
Close thine eyes,
Close them well.
Sleep my loved one,
gently do.

Scatter sandman
joy and gladness.
Bring sweet dreams,
love and bliss.

Give sweet happiness,
joy and cheerfulness.
Bring sweet dreams,
love and bliss.

Sleep my darling,
sleep thee well.
Close thine eyes, yes,
Close them well.

            - text by the composer


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