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Chamber Music

String Quartet in C minor, Op. 12, No. 1

Instrumentation: string quartet

Composed: October 1949 - April 1950

Performance Time: 19 min.

        I. Energetically (5 min.) - SCORE* (pdf, 16 MB)
        II. Adagio Desolato (3.5 min) - SCORE (pdf, 4 MB)
        III. Scherzo (3.5 min) - SCORE (pdf, 13 MB)
        IV. Allegro Feroce (7 min) - SCORE (first half) (pdf, 10 MB), SCORE (second half) (pdf, 13 MB),

Score and parts* available from: The Schubert Club (email:

* Please note: Parts for this piece are newly engraved in Finale computer software.


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